Hello! This website is my personal hub. I share my knowledge, experience and reflections about meditation and the dharma. I‘m especially interested in (re)uniting the worlds of Buddhism and contemporary mindfulness, and the worlds of study and practice.

I completed my Dharma Teacher Training with Bodhi College, mentored by Stephen Batchelor, and I’m doing a PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol, for which I have been awarded a Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.

For my teaching engagements, see my schedule below—though I’m focusing on my thesis in 2023.

I provide regular guidance to a small, weekly meditation group in Barcelona (in Catalan).

I write the Spanish blog budismosecular.org, and in English at the Secular Buddhist Network. I’ve also published these articles:

You can contact me here.

You may enjoy my Spotify playlist “Numinous“. If you want to peak into my former life as a jazz pianist and composer, here’s a playlist with some of my favourites.